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Radon is a radioactive gas, which you cannot see, smell, or taste. Click here for more information and to schedule a thorough radon test today.


Choosing the right home inspector is probably the most important decision you make during any mortgage transaction.

Advanced Radon Detection Services

Advanced Radon Detection Services is an experienced Radon measurement company, performing Radon tests for Realtors, Home Buyers, Home Inspectors, and Homeowners. We perform Radon tests in both Residential and Commercial structures.

Government Certified and Listed

We are certified by A.A.R.S.T / N.R.P.P. as a Radon Measurement Provider – Standard & Analytical Services.

Certification #107466RT

We are listed with the North Carolina Radon Program’s Certified Radon Testers, both in Standard and Analytical Measurement.

We are in good standing with the National Environmental Health Association and The North Carolina Radon Program.

We use Continuous Radon Monitors, which perform extremely well in the E.P.A. approved Radon Chambers, as required by A.A.R.S.T/N.R.P.P. for a monitor’s Biannual Performance Test.

​We also offer Radon testing for Well Water, and Granite Counter Tops.

We are an A Rated member of ANGIE’S LIST, and have great reviews on YELP!

Client Testimonials

Sal and Rudy were fantastic! On time, respectful, and so thorough... our family feels completely assured that our home is Radon-Free
Jennie Wilson
I highly recommend Advance Radon Detection Services; their exhaustive analysis of our home revealed we did indeed haveRadon levels present that needed to be addressed!
Thomas Smith
What impressed me was the fast response to questions and helpful attitude... all my questions and concerns were completely answered
Robert Lindstrom